Jacques Andre special massage


  • Haircut with modeling
    Loreal ritual (optional)
    Partial massage of the body

290 zł instead of 320 zł

Intesive Package

  • Cavitation peeling
    Haircut with modeling
    Kerastase ritual

270 zł instead of 300 zł

Luxury Package

  • Diamond microdermabrasion of the face
    Haircut with Styling
    Kerastase ritual
    Partial body massage (30min)
    SPA manicure with painting

380 zł instead of 490

Jacques Andre Package

  • A brightening and smoothing treatment
    Hair coloring *
    Haircut with Modeling
    Relaxing body massage (60min)
    SPA manicure

700 zł instead of 800 zł
*Price depends on the hair length

There is also an option to create an individual package adjusted to the individual requirements of every client. 


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