Cosmetic Packages 

Cosmetic packages for the face, neck and cleavage:

Strong nutrition

  1. Cavitation peeling or microdermabrasion of the face, neck and neckline with an ampoule
  2. nourishing treatment
    3. face, neck and cleavage massage 

Instead of 350 PLN it costs 290 PLN


  1. cleansing treatment 
  2. strengthening the vessels / rebuilding treatment 
  3. eye area treatment

Instead of 380 PLN it costs 300 PLN

Banquet package

  1. exfoliation, smoothing and regeneration
  2. body treatment with caviar
  3. firming treatment with retinol

Instead of 600 PLN it costs 500 PLN

You can also create your own, personalized package with extra discounts. 
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