How does X-Lase Plus work?

Diod laser X-Lase Plus is the most advanced depilating device combining laser technologies and CPL (Calibrated Pulsed Light). The latest technology is an undeniable safety and guaranteed results. X-Lase Plus has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications - the highest class of ISO in the category of medical devices.

  • How does X-Lase Plus work?

X-Lase Plus uses selective phototermolysis. Laser enegry is converted into thermal energy, succesfuly removing unwanted imperfections. At the same time, the area of the procedure remains intact.

  • Advantages of X-Lase Plus

-    quickly, easily, softly, Motion Speed technology
-    the highest comfort for the patient
-    almost painless
-    short skin regeneration period
-    permanent result

  • Maximum comfort

Comfort fo the procedure is guaranteed thanks to perfect cooling system, which doesn’t carry the risk of tissue damage while eliminating the pain. Most of the procedures don’t require anaesthesia. For very sensitive people the therapist will prepare additional cooling compresses.

  • How many procedures should be performed?

The number of sessions needed for achieving optimum results depends on a number of factors: the area of the procedure, type of imperfections, age, weight, hormones, type of skin and metabolism. Your therapist will reccomend appropriate number and frequency of the sessions.

Skin rejuvenation
Effects of aging are strongly minimalised thanks to selective heating of the dermis, which stimulates the production fo colagen
Skin discoloration removal
Removing discolorated patches has never been so easy.
Laser peeling
Perfect way of exfoliating problematic skin (acne, spots, cysts, scars)
Fractional laser treatment is the most efficient way to reduce skin damage, acne and post-trauma scars, enlarged pores.
Tatoo removal
Laser light „cuts” pigment into small pieces which are removed from the organism by lymphatic system.
Strech marks removal
Laser treatment stimuates production of new, healthy colagen in deep layers of skin which substitutes damaged tissue.
Closing vessels
Laser treatment is the most efficient way of closing vessels (linear and spider veins, on the face and body) as well as removing cherry angiomas.
Hair removal
Hair pigment absorbs laser light and converts it into heat. Heat damages follicels and papillas. The hair is irretrievably destroyed and the possibility of growing back is blocked.
The most advanced, painless, fast procedure of permanent hair removal.

*Aforementioned procedures present all the possibilities of the laser. Not all of them are avaliable.

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Laser X-Lase Plus

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