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  • Main Gdańsk - hairdresser, massages, cosmetic, nails

Jacques Andre is a chain of hairdressing and cosmetics salons, in which long-term experience connects with specialistic knowledge. Our clients are served with the highest quality services and professional consultancy.

Imagine a place where you can undergo a complete metamorphosis, create a totally new look and find your own, unique style, at the same time complying with the newest fashion trends. It is our highest priority to be constantly up-to-date, so we can offer our clients the best advise.

From several years we have been offering to our customers a wide range of complex services, including hairdressing and hair and body treatments in SPA - the oasis of calm, placed in the middle of the city centre. 
Thanks to the highly advanced techniques, we can help our clients in creating their dreamed image of body and face.

Don't only think how to change your image and improve your appearance. 
Don't only think how to look gorgeous. 

But act...

Visit us, and discover how beautiful you are. 

Zobacz jak przeprowadzić prawdziwą metamorfozę, od czego zacząć

About us 

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