Ritual Candle Massage

It intrigues, surprises and overwhelms the senses with a unique scent, warm and silky touch. This is a ritual massage performed with warm candle wax.
Let your imagination take control and feel the touch of the SPA world with all your senses.
Massage with the use of the candle is the latest global trend. This ritual is an exceptionally sensual ceremony performed with warm oil from the candle, consisting of 100% natural waxes and aromatic blend of essential oils. Its unique formula leaves the skin wonderfully moisturised, silky smooth and soft.

What's more, thanks to the relaxing warmth, unique consistency and overwhelming aroma this  massage stimulates the senses and provides a unique experience. You can choose between different kinds of candle massages: "Charm of Andalusia", "The sweetness of the Orient" and "The Brazilian Rhythm".

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