Hair Regeneration


OLAPLEX is a specific, which is applied on hair by a stylist during a colorization. OLAPLEX works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Thanks to its unique, patented formula, OLAPLEX rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and  repairing hair ensuring the strongest, shinies and healthiest hair possible. 

For continuous protection from ongoing damage No.3 Hair Perfector was created to be used at home between next visits in our Parlour.


During a visit to our Parlour, you can take advantage of regenerative treatment by using the modern "MICROMIST" device.

"MICROMIST" performs treatment on the hair using water mist generated by ultrasonic waves. Particles of the mist are smaller and lighter than water vapour molecules and thus can penetrate the hair from the skin, into its deepest layers. Water heater system is specially designed so as to produce the mist, not the steam. Conventional devices heat the water to a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to produce steam, which tends to cause great damage to the hair, rather than repair them.
MICROMIST, through the use of ultrasound, heats the water to the temperature required by the state of the treated hair and the used product. The temperature is much lower than 212 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore doesn't cause any damage. The device is invaluable in supporting hair treatments, by applying active substance to the deepest layers of the hair. "MICROMIST" has a cooling system that closes the hair husk after the treatment. This allows the applied cosmetics to stay active for a longer period.


The ultrasonic activator with nano-silver and infrared is a great discovery in modern hairdressing technology. This device resembles a traditional straightener. It consists of a plate made of nano-silver in which there are four ultrasound generators, activated when the device is closed on the band of hair. 

The red plate contains 24 zones of infrared beams which reinforce the action of ultrasound, helping the emission of gentle heat. Treatment with the use of this device is moisturising, regenerating and supports the application of active substances into the hair structure.
The activator applies the active substance deep into the hair and makes it dense, shiny and nourished. This reconstruction is recommended for all hair types -  curly too.

The price of regeneration with the devices includes the care ritual. How little it takes to make radical changes!

Microcamera is an electronic device which works similarly to microscope. It transfers enlarged over few hundreds times image of hair or head skin to a screen. Microcamera allows both, a customer and a hairdresser to watch and control current condition of the hair and head skin before, and after the treatment. 

Microcamera enables to prepare professional, personalized plan of treatment, created for current hair and skin condition. It also helps in checking the progress of the treatment. Microcamera is an essential device for every professional salon with high quality service. Microcamera can be found only in highly professional salons.

Microcamera allows to run a diagnostic of: 

  • Elasticity of head skin
  • Moisture percentage
  • General condition of skin and its type
  • Condition of blood vessels
  • Condition of hair follicle
  • Condition of hair's core
  • And other aspects of skin and hair, which help in selecting appropriate treatment, shampoo, conditioner etc. 
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Hair Regeneration 

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