Hairdresser - price list

Clipping woman’s hair 80zł/ 90zł/ 100zł
Cliping man’s Hair 45zł*/ 60zł/ 70zł
Clipping children under 40zł
Combing woman's hair 60zł / 70zł/ 80zł
Combing extend Hair 90zł/ 100zł
Curling from 100 zł
Cover from 60 zł
Coloring from  150 zł
Toning Color from  50 zł
Reflections from 140 zł
Colour with reflection from 190 zł
Decolourising from  100 zł
Keratin straightenin from  300 zł
Hair pin-up from 120 zł
Permanent wave from 140 zł

Kerastase Ritual**                     

  • Basic – mask
  • intensive-ampoule +booster
  • Luxurious-ampoule+booster + mask

40 zł

90 zł

120 zł

L'oreal Ritual

  • Basic – mask
  • Intensive – ampoule
  • Luxurious-ampoule + mask


25 zł
50 zł
60 zł

OLAPLEX 50 zł - 250 zł
Fringe 20 zł
Trimming beards 15 zł - 30 zł
  • Service is not included in the price.
  • We cannot offer discounts on hairdressing services on weekends (Sat - Sun).
    We recommend the occasional make-up.
    In the case of very long or thick hair we reserve the right to determine an adequate price for the products used and the workload, which we will inform you about before the service.

    Prices for the services not mentioned in the above list will be determined individually.
  • In case of services with minimal prices, the final price depends on the amount of used material. We can evaluate the exact pirice during the service or on a prior consult free of charge. 

    Services marked as "set" contain drying or combing hair.

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