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NEW Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis: 6-16 cm less in waist within a few weeks


What is Cool Tech?

  • Cool Tech is a technology developed by COCCON Medical, used for reduction of fat tissue. Exposure to cold results in selective damage of the subcutaneous fat, while avoiding the damage of overlying skin. After the cooling process ends, dead lipocytes are transmitted to lymphatic system, metabolised and excreted in natural physiological process. 

  • Cool Tech is a new technology allowing precise and controlled cooling. During the procedure, temperature is -8 degrees. Specific time of cooling assures effectiveness of the procedure, without the risk of damage of other tissues. During the procedure applicator not only cools, but also sucks in the skin, temporarily reducing blood flow. It increases precision of cooling the chosen area.
    • The procedure performed with Cool Tech is painless.


Course of procedure:

The procedure is dedicated mainly for people who want to model their figure or get rid of excessive fat tissue in chosen body parts. A measurement of fat tissue is taken before the procedure. On this basis, the instrument choses the parameters. It is possible to run the procedure on three areas during one session (for instance - abdomen and thighs). It is possible to do it on two areas at once (two heads working at the same time). The procedure on one area takes 70 minutes

Just one procedure results with few centimetres less in waistline.

The procedure on the same area may be repeated after 6 weeks (exceptionally after 4). On different areas every 2 weeks.
Max. 3 procedures can be performed on the same body part. Heads allow to perform procedures on areas with varied amount of fat tissue. Cool Tech is a great alternative for liposuction, is safe and does not need period of convalescence. The effect is permanent and the procedure does not need to be repeated. Cryolipolysis allows You to slim exactly where is needed - the effect is fully selective.


    1. medical device
    2. possibility of precise programming and individual approach
    3. patent head (EP12382287) allows to adjust size to every area and the amount of fat tissue
    4. blood pressure and temperature measurement during the procedure
    5. anti-frosting membrane protecting the skin
    6. multifuncional breakdown signaling
    7. high safety - smart help system
    8. possibility of joining with other procedures using drainage and RF current for figure modelling


    Cool Tech is a MEDICAL DEVICE (not cosmetic). 

    Before purchase, the device had been tested by clients and employees of Jacques Andre for over a week. We bought it a month later, only having seen real effects, which were beyond our expectations. 90% of people noticed over 6 cm loss in the waistline after 4 weeks from the procedure.

Advantage over other forms of fat tissue reduction:

    1. Box diet - 1000 - 1500 zł/month; return to natural weight, yo-yo effect after finishing.
    2. Gym + personal trainer - 150 zł/month + 1150 zł/10 sessions with a trainer; regular training to keep fit is necessary.
  •    3. Cryolipolysis - 700 zł/procedure; permanent fat tissue reduction forever after just one procedure!


     Medical Cryolipolysis is used by the best medical aestethic clinics in Poland
    - among others it is performed in famous clinic of dr Szczyt in Warsaw.

    We are the only salon in Gdańsk with this device.



  • Why should I choose Jacques Andre? 

  • 1. As one of few companies in while Poland, the only one in Gdańsk, we own a certified medical device.
    To get rid of fat tissue permanently, the procedure needs to last minimum 70 minutes and to freeze fat cells to -8 degrees. This effect cannot be gained with use of cosmetic devices, which makes that kind of procedures completely ineffective!
    2. The price in Jacques Andre is 30-70% smaller than the prices offered by other clinics. Using the same device and materials we offer the same results with smaller cost.
    3. Our staff is well qualified and certified in performing such procedures.
    4. We tested the device on 50 persons between 20 and 60 years, with varied fat tissue amount with exceptional results.

  Clients’ reviews after the procedure:

  1. Basia: I had a procedure on two areas 2 months ago, using the promotion. The procedure is not very painfull, time passes quickly. I was sceptic, but it turned out that after a month I don't have 101 cm in my waist - now it’s only 93,5.
    2. Magda: I’m rather slim, but I’ve always had a problem with lower part of belly and sides. I saw an advert on Facebook that caught my attention. I lost 5 cm so it’s one size down…
    For me it’s a lot, especially with no effort :)
    3. Milena: The time during the procedure passed quickly, and 7 cm less in my waistline even faster :) I’d definitely recommend it to those who have problems with burning fat tissue. I’ll come again, this time thighs :)
  • Our cosmetologists from salon in Gdańsk Główny will answer any additional questions.

    Book your visit calling (58) 567 00 00 or Via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Jacques Andre SPA (Elżbietańska 9/10)

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