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Body treatment

Nourishing and moisturising watermelon treatment - Synergy of active substances interspersed with watermelon aroma is an excellent antioxidant cocktail. The watermelon extracts are deeply regenerating, smoothing and hydrating to the tired and over-dried skin. Exclusive care ritual will intrigue anyone who is looking for unique experiences.

Coconut nourishing treatment - Inspired by the Polynesian culture introduces the state of rest and relaxation. Immersion in the scent and heat of coconut oil will let you transcend to an exotic island. After the treatment the skin is velvety soft and nourished.

Tensioning and nurishing chocolate treatment - Chocolate body ritual has been developed specifically for those who cannot resist the sweet pleasures of chocolate. Carefully selected compositions of this natural ingredient will make your senses take your body and soul to the land of pleasure. After the treatment the skin is tight and nourished.

Exclusive slimming treatment with caviar - This exclusive treatment reduces excess body fat. It has a nutritional and moisturising effect. The caviar extract, which is contained in the products is rich in minerals, and together with manual massage it decreases circuit of the body. The treatment ensures the effect of intensive firming, skin tension and fresh appearance.
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