Treatments for Men's

1. Facial cleansing treatment
This treatment not only deeply clears pores and skin, but also helps to fight with the excessive production of sebum and stabilizes lipids. and  Once the treatment is done, the skin is clear and mat. This treatment also helps in regaining fresh look of the skin. 

2. Oxygenating and boosting treatment

This treatment aims to help people with gray and ashen skin, which always looks tired. The treatment is also recommended for smokers. It neutralizes harmful effect of factors such as: stress, environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, UV radiation, air-conditioning etc. After the treatment the healthy and radiant skin appearance is restored. 

3. Skin firming treatment for areas around eyes

The treatment neutralizes wrinkles, helps to keep the skin hydrated and flexible. But it not all! The treatment also makes the skin around the eyes even and smooth, leaving it brightened and fresh.

4. Hydrating treatment
This treatment not only hydrates, but also enhances the skin and strengthen epidermis. It is thanks to jojob oil and  freeze dried alga that the top layer of the skin is moistured and secured  from further loss o water.  After such a treatment the skin regains its smoothness and softness.  
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