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Description of cosmetic treatments

Cleansing Treatments:

Cavitational peeling - skin-cleansing using ultrasonic vibration, enriched with micro massage that improves microcirculation and cellular oxygenation and increases penetration of active substances deep into the skin. It provides accurate removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicle, gets rid of whiteheads, blackheads and bacteria. It smooths the skin, moisturises and stimulates natural hydration and softens the epidermis. It is soothing and regenerating for the skin.

Facial cleansing - manual acne removal: make-up removal, toning, peeling, softening mask, further vapozone softening, purification phase, disinfection and skin pores closure.

Diamond Microdermabrasion - Mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis layers by affecting the skin with head covered with  diamond microcrystals. This way we moderately remove the dead layer of the epidermis, so that in its basic layer it comes to the increased production of new cells which are then pushed up to replace the dead and removed cells. The exfoliation is gradual and even, so there is no risk of scarring. The apparatus uses the latest technology backed by CE certification, giving spectacular results in the skin renewal. Diamond Microdermabrasion is a safe, non-invasive and painless procedure. It causes no allergies, contrary to other methods of peeling. 

Treatments for acne/problematic skin:

Regulating the sebaceous glands -the treatment regulates the sebaceous glands – if used regularly, it ensures the correct level of hydration without the shine of the skin.

Cleansing-antibacterial - it soothes inflammations - used for acne, cleans and prevents the formation of whiteheads.

Lifting Treatments:

These treatments work best when combined with Ko-Bi-Do massage and Microdermabrasion for better absorption of the active ingredients

A brightening-smoothing treatment with pearls and gold - an exclusive treatment, even after the first application its effects are visible. Particularly recommended before large celebrations. Leaves the skin with a gentle, brightening mist. Pearls and gold are known for their properties to fill wrinkles (the effect of golden thread).

A strong wrinkle-filling treatment with retinol. 
A treatment based on fruit acids, powder mask with vitamin C and cream with retinol (vitamin A). It restores beautiful, healthy look of the skin, protects it and smooths it. By penetrating deep layers of the skin, retinol increases its elasticity and slows the aging process.

Treatments for vascular skin:

Calming treatment - especially recommended for complexions with peristalsis of vessels (red cheeks) – it gives the feeling of cool and calm. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

Blood vessels strengthening treatment.  A treatment for vascular skin, thanks to active ingredients it quickly enhances the permeability of blood vessels to prevent them from cracking.

Brightening treatment - An intensive treatment for vascular skin. Thanks to the synergy of lightening cosmetics, active face mask and intensive collagen treatment it brightens the enlarged and broken capillaries and smooths and firms the skin.

Hydrating Treatments:

Highly moisturising treatment based on lyophilised alga - lyophilised alga, thanks to it's complex processing retains all the valuable active substances. It moisturises and restores smoothness and intensive feeling of ease.

Intensively moisturising-nourishing treatment based on ceramide - ceramides are a natural component of skin lipids – they are the major component of the abhesives that  fill the intercellular spaces in the stratum corneum. Ceramides, together with fatty acids and cholesterol form a so-called intercellular cement - the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin. Ceramides form the protective wall of the skin. It protects it from water loss and enhance its absorption. Highly moisturising treatment.


Traditional massage and facial, neck and cleavage relaxing massage - a treatment  with relaxing and stimulating properties. It improves facial contours, smooths the wrinkles and removes muscle tension. If used regularly in a cosmetic parlour, it rejuvenates.

Ko-Bi-Do tensioning massage - it is an original Japanese massage, with a tradition of over a thousand years. It restores internal balance, soothes, leads to relaxation of body and balancing of emotions. It introduces the state of total relaxation. The massage is intensive and aims at improving the colour and smoothness. It is performed on the face, neck and cleavage. It improves the skin blood flow significantly, which delays the effects of aging and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Masaż kamieniami - Masaż zimnymi i ciepłymi kamieniami prowadzony jest wzdłuż punktów akupresurowych. Stymuluje poziom endorfin, odpręża i rozluźnia mięśnie, stymuluje mikro cyrkulację krwi. Cera jest lepiej dotleniona i odżywiona, staje się miękka, odzyskuje komfort.

Digitopresura - Chiński masaż uciskowy, odpowiedni nawet dla skór bardzo wrażliwych, naczyniowych oraz problematycznych. Uciskanie dokładnie sprecyzowanych punktów twarzy i szyi stymuluje pracę narządów wewnętrznych, wspomaga żywotne funkcje skóry, poprawia muskulaturę mięśni twarzy, niweluje stres, odpręża i relaksuje.

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