Hair Extensions

Do you dream about long hair, but do not have time or patience for their plunging? Benefit from surgery hair extensions , so that in a few hours to have her become a beautiful and incredibly long bands!

The method of hair extension, which suggests Racoon hair is hypoallergenic adhesive combine with a unique composition of the extract from orange peel and pine seeds. Thus it provides an excellent hair strength and yet easy to remove streaks. Linking is accomplished using an applicator, which gently warming the glue connects the hair strands.

Place calls is not visible through the transparent color of the adhesive, and connecting itself resembles the size of grains of rice. The joints are made at a distance of about 1 centimeter from the scalp.

New hair strands are placed in specially selected locations on the head, so that the hair attached to komponowa perfectly natural. The number of strands depends on what shape and volume of the hairstyle you want to achieve, are located approximately 100-150 strands. A number of strands each client decides in consultation with the stylist performing the procedure.

Extended by Racoon hair look natural and act like your own. Giant is the merit of the highest quality hair   and a unique natural adhesive.

Racoon hair extending method, you can in a short time completely transform your look and feel.

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