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Masters offer both classic haircut, and follow the latest trends in fashion. This service is based on a professional diagnosis, through which we can meet individual needs and offer the best products for hair care and styling.


  • Cover-up gray hair (COVER 5) COVER 5'
  • COVER 5 'in 5 minutes disguises gray hair..

Men usually want in a discreet way to control the sign of maturity - gray. They want to cover up their gray hair quickly and without spending long hours in a salon. All these men meet the needs of today's COVER 5 '- a product derived from the male line of L'Oreal Professionnel Homme. It reinforces the natural hair color, while concealing gray hair in a natural way.

Men appreciate the COVER 5':

  •     speed - the whole procedure takes only dye 5 minutes,
        discretion - this foaming applying shampoo to wash hair
        natural effect - a very natural result without suckers; hair becomes like a facelift

COVER 5 'is so developed in six shades to suit the natural colors of the male.

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