Hair Coloring

We offer our clients unlimited possibilities for hair coloring.
    Colour Majirel - create color magic with excellent coverage of gray hair
With the coloring effect Majirel get crisp, deep, shimmering colors, from subdued to the most courageous. Perfect for highlights or coloring overall. During each treatment the hair is protected and nurtured through a dual-gain. The selective component of nurturing work inside and on the hair surface. A unique combination of pigments saturated uniform and permanent hair color.

  • Colour Majrouge - the art of mastering intense red

Are deep shades of red, durable and opaque. From the copper on the purple - enliven the intense shades of red hair, magical beauty. All shades of red, tailored to individual needs. Extremely intense. Durable. Creative.

  • Colour Luocolor - Nutritional gel-coloring - brilliant colors, three-dimensional effects

All of creativity based on the oxidative coloration in combination with the unique play of light and the effect of color depth. New technology nourishing cream-gel: thanks to applied technological innovation, you get a fresh, soft, natural colors that add depth hairstyle. Colouring the hair retains a natural appearance and the duration of the surgery is only 30 minutes.

  • Colour Hi Riches and Riches - natural beauty of sensual women

Thinking about women who want color without suckers who want a natural effect, and also hair care, coloring created riches - conditioner gently illuminating, without ammonia, with a short hold on the hair (up to 20 minutes). It provides long-lasting shine and a great thanks to the richness of nutrients. Reach for the riches, and be amazed and extremely durable subtle color.

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